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Verified Views

Verifiably Accurate CGIs for Planning

Verified Views

Verified views (also known as AVRs) are verifiably accurate photomontages of architectural proposals. They are typically requested by the local authority to support planning applications for prominent developments or those within a sensitive context. A Verified View is a photomontage produced to an established methodology.

To ensure a verifiably accurate depiction of a project, a survey is carried out to record the camera's position and key points within the context. We use this survey to recreate the real world camera and align it to a 3D model of the proposal in a 3D environment.

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Site photo overlaid with survey points

Good to know

Our process is compliant with the London View Management Framework SPG (LVMF) - Appendix C: Accurate Visual Representations. We deliver a high resolution PDF that includes our method statement, the camera information and the proposed/existing images.

Verified Views are perfect for

Setting up on site for a verified view

Typical Production Flow

  • Site photography
  • Site survey
  • Detailed 3D modelling
  • Camera matching
  • Image production & rendering
  • Development & commenting phase
  • Approval & delivery

Typical Production Time

5-10 working days

Print ready method statement delivered as PDF

Verified View Classification

Verified View Level 0

Level 0

Verified View Level 1

Level 1

Verified View Level 2

Level 2

Verified View Level 3

Level 3

IncludedLevel 0Level 1Level 2Level 3
Demonstrate the location and size of proposal
Proposal shown occluded by context
Demonstrate proposal's architectural form through realistic lighting (single clay texture)
Demonstrate the proposed as though built through depiction of materials

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