1 Kings Cross Bridge, Exterior Photomontage
Irongate House, Reception Exterior
56 Grosvenor Street, Exterior
Seymour Mews House, Photomontage
36 King Street, Exterior


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Photomontages are a great way to demonstrate a proposed development as though it were already built. We love adding detail to CGIs and are sticklers for accuracy; both of which result in photomontages offering a meaningful view of the architecture in situ.

Photomontages are perfect for helping property projects through planning applications and are great additions to your marketing collateral. Whether your need imagery of a masterplan, a single building or a rooftop extension; Photomontages are a great choice.

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56GrosvenorSt, Exterior (Model)

Good to know

Site photography is a cost effective way of capturing a proposal's context. This not only keeps budgets down, but also makes the finished photomontage more convincing than a fully CG (computer generated) equivalent.

SeymourMews, Model

Typical Production Flow

  • Site photography
  • Detailed 3D modelling
  • Camera matching
  • Image production & rendering
  • Development & commenting phase
  • Approval & delivery

Typical Pipeline

4 working days

Aerial, Model

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What we'll need from you

  • Brief or list of viewpoints required
  • Proposed CAD drawings or 3D model
  • Topographical survey (if available)
  • Finishes schedule & precedent photos

Also known as

  • Montages
  • Photo-montages
  • Photo-composites