Verified Views

Specialist CGIs for planning

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Verified Views

Specialist CGIs for planning

What are Verified Views?
A Verified View is essentially a photomontage but a surveyor is used to record the camera's position & key points within the context. We then follow an established methodology to depict the proposed development, in context, with verifiable accuracy. Read verified views vs photomontages to compare the two approaches.

Good to know
Our process is compliant with the London View Management Framework SPG (LVMF) - Appendix C: Accurate Visual Representations. We deliver a high resolution PDF that includes our method statement, the camera information and the proposed/existing images.

Great for: planning

Typical turnaround: 10 working days

Also known as: Accurate Visual Representation (AVR), Visually Verified Montage (VVM)

These specialist CGIs are typically requested by the planning authority to support applications for prominent developments or those within a sensitive context.

View examples of the different levels we offer

  • What we need from you

  • Brief or list of areas to cover

  • Proposed CAD drawings or 3D model

  • Existing CAD drawings, if available

  • Topographical survey

  • Furniture & lighting schedules

  • Finishes schedule & precedent photos

  • Planting schedule

  • Information must be accurate and use a known datum/grid
  • Our Process

  • Site photography & camera matching (photomontages)

    We visit site to capture viewpoints and information to recreate lighting & context. You will be asked to attend to check the scope of the views meets your requirements. A short-list is issued and the selected views are re-created in 3D.

  • Site survey

    We analyse the selected photographs to identify key points within each view. Our surveyor will visit site to survey each view's location and key points.

  • Initial 3D modelling

    A basic model is created so we can mock up the positionsviewpointscamera sequences.

  • Camera sequence creation

    Initial viewpointscamera sequences are created and issued for approval. We offer screen share sessions so you can suggest tweaks and see the changes in real time.

  • Detailed 3D modelling

    CAD drawings are used to create a detailed 3D model of your proposal.
    Proposed finishes are recreated and applied. Level 3 only.

  • Camera matching

    The surveyed camera positions and key points are used to create virtual cameras using the real world camera positions and focal lengths.

  • Image production & rendering

    Light is an important part of CGIsflythroughs so we take time lighting the scene, to set the right atmosphere. The lighting conditions in the site photography are replicated and any adjacent buildings are created, ensuring CGIs of the proposed sit naturally within the context. Our render farm turns the 3D model and lighting information into raw rendered CGIsframes, ready for the finishing touches.

  • Post production

    Masking is applied to integrate the CGIs of the proposal accurately within the context. Level 1 and above only.
    The hues, saturation & contrast are all finessed to make sure the CGIsflythrough really pops. People can also be added to enhance the sense of scale.

  • Approval process & delivery

    Draft CGIsVR Propert Toursflythroughs will be issued via email so you and your team can provide us with consolidated feedback on any adjustments required. The finished CGIsVR Propert Tourflythrough will be made available once approved.

Verified View Classification

VerifiedViews Service Thumbnail

Level 0

Toned area describing the location and size of proposal

VerifiedViews Service Thumbnail

Level 1

Occluded wire frame describing the location, size and degree of visibility of proposal

VerifiedViews Service Thumbnail

Level 2

As level 1 + description of architectural form (single material) and re-creation of lighting

VerifiedViews Service Thumbnail

Level 3

As level 2 + use of proposed materials

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