VR Property Tours

Cutting edge, immersive CGI

Allowing your market to explore a proposed development from anywhere in the world

Good to know
Virtual reality (VR) Property Tours are a cutting edge way to explore the unbuilt. Your target market will feel like they are in your development, wherever in the world they are.

Our VR property tours can be viewed using any VR headset (widely available from £5) & smartphone and also on desktop, tablet & mobile, without a headset - no specialist hardware required!

Great for: marketing, client presentation

Typical turnaround: 15 working days

Also known as: Virtual Reality Property Tours

For the immersive VR experience all you need is a VR Headset & smartphone, but the tours are also fully functional on desktop, tablet & mobile for users without a VR headset.

VR experience using a VR Headset & smartphone

  • Navigate to the VR Property Tour, on your smartphone browser.
  • Click the
    (above) to launch VR mode.
  • Place your phone into your headset and look through the eye pieces.
  • Look around and take in the space.
  • Move position by hovering the crosshairs over the circular "hotspots".
  • Tips: Sit in a chair that can rotate 360° - an office chair is ideal. If you need to stand, make sure you have plenty of room around you and do not try to walk around. Try to avoid sudden head movements as this can lead to motion sickness.

Don’t have a VR headset?

  • Navigate to the desired VR property tour.
  • Click/tap & drag in the image, to look around.
  • Move position within the space by clicking/tapping the circular "hotspots".
  • Alternatively you can request a demo.
  • Typical Production Process

  • Site photography & camera matching (photomontages)

    We visit site to capture viewpoints and information to recreate lighting & context. You will be asked to attend to check the scope of the views meets your requirements. A short-list is issued and virtual cameras are created based on the approved view's position and focal length.

  • Site survey

    We analyse the selected photographs to identify key points within each view. Our surveyor will visit site to survey each view's location and key points.

  • Initial 3D modelling

    A basic model is created so we can mock up the initial viewpointscamera sequences.

  • Camera sequence creation

    Initial viewpointscamera sequences are created and issued for approval. We offer screen share sessions so you can suggest tweaks and see the changes in real time.

  • Detailed 3D modelling

    Your CAD drawings are used to create a detailed 3D model of your proposal.
    Proposed finishes are recreated and applied to level 3 verified views.

  • Camera matching

    For each view the surveyed camera positions and key points are used to create a virtual camera using the real world camera's position and focal length.

  • Image production & rendering

    Light is an important part of a CGIsflythrough so we take time lighting the scene, to set the right atmosphere. The lighting conditions in the site photography are replicated and any adjacent buildings are created, ensuring the proposed sits naturally in the context. Our render farm turns the 3D model and lighting information into a raw rendered CGI, ready for the finishing touches.

  • Post production

    Masking is applied to integrate the CGIs of the proposal accurately within the context. The hues, saturation & contrast are all finessed to make sure the CGIsflythrough really pops. People can also be added to enhance the sense of scale.

  • Approval process & delivery

    Draft CGIsflythroughs will be issued via email so you and your team can provide us with consolidated feedback on any adjustments required. The finished CGIsflythrough will be made available for you to download, on approval.

  • What we need

  • Brief or list of areas to cover

  • The final imagevideo size required

  • Proposed CAD drawings or 3D model

  • Existing CAD drawings & topo

  • Finishes & furniture schedules

  • Finishes schedule & precedent photos

  • Planting schedule
    Your information must be accurate and use a known datum

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